Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday Morning Blues

Did I pinch myself , did I really just drop 3k and blow out my hard earned cash?

Here's the big question, does it hurt?

Actually it doesn't, it is frustrating, but nothing more. 
Remember I have made it back 5 times now.
Next phase is to build on 8k after making it back.

There are a few things though, I decided to play retail, got rescued from M , didnt play KSS which remarkably rose post earnings , whereas JWN and FOSL fell.
So the odds were 1 play out of 6 retail plays of which 5 fell , therefore probability dictates a hard fall was on the cards.

Now just like NKE i planned on playing an ITM P funded by the strangle.
-1 42P 

This would have been a net debit of 65c, but I could have made almost 1600$ per contract.

Closing price 32
Profit = 1600 (((45-42))*100)+(45-32)*100

The problem is I consistently choose a neutral position till i get more capital.

Be honest with yourself, last year you would brush this off and try to hide the situation, face it.
Losses are part of winning, who the hell would have thought a 50$ stock could almost halve in 1 day.

Keep fighting, weeks like these will always be just around the corner.🔆

Happy Veterans Day󾓦

Mood is sombre yet realistic.

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