Friday, December 25, 2015

Week Ending Dec 26

A short week (no pun intended) , as expected the Iron Condor expired without any issues.

I inadvertently added a position instead of closing one. So this week I made 45$.
VIX had receded to 16 or so , so there was no point closing early and opening a position for Jan 8 expiry. I wouldn't have gotten much anyways.
So for the next week I have 3 contracts worth of margin available, will try to get something for Jan 8 itself or perhaps Jan 14 which is a monthly.
Now in hindsight , I should have taken advantage of the IV prior to the rate hike and doubled down , I was easily getting 2$ credit on spreads down in the 1850s.
Anyways the grind continues, remember I said it would be a steep but steady climb?
What do you think so far?

Net cash 4174$

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